CNG Station Opens in Conway (KATV)

A local, family-owned gas station in Conway is catching the eye of many drivers. Folks can now buy compressed natural gas at the station for less than half the cost of the petroleum based fuel. It’s the first gas station in the state to sell both gasoline and CNG. The process to open the CNG fueling station began two years ago. Tuesday, the president of Satterfield Fuels encouraged lawmakers in attendance to do more to promote CNG in the state

“We’ve got infrastructure, now let’s get some vehicles. We’ve got a domestically produced fuel right here in our county that’s more economical and more environmentally friendly, and it’s time that we utilize it,” challenged Branch Satterfield.

Among those filling up at the station was Governor Mike Beebe. In his remarks, the governor highlighted job growth and a decreasing dependence on foreign oil.

“It’s better for our environment, and you all know as well as anybody how many jobs this creates. So this is a win-win. It’s a win-win for America. It’s dang sure a win win for Arkansas, and I can promise you, it’s a win-win for Conway and for Faulkner County, and you all should be congratulated,” said Beebe.